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About KeyStaff

KeyStaff is a people platform to directly connect Employers with the right resources. This is one of the reasons why Key employees also want to participate in our network.

Get the right professional within 10 days

The first step in finding the right professional is the intake. During the intake (supported by phone or on site) we discuss and agree on the requested competences. This is the starting point for our KeyStaff search process to make sure what type of candidates are required. Our added value is in the preparation of this process, in combination with the size of our network. Therefore we deliver the right candidates for the job within 10 working days from the moment the request is made. Timeslots for validation and interviews will be directly planned at the start.

Option to publish your vacancy via internet and social media.

On top of or databased search for available candidates we have the network and processes in place to push your request to the right target audience. This includes the option to publish your vacancy via internet, social media or linkedin.

About KeyStaff

Always an intake to guarantee quality.

To secure the quality of the follow up process we will support you with a fixed list is checks to validate the completeness of the request, and the probability of finding the related candidate in today’s market. This supports you in getting the right candidates for your interviews.

Full recruitment process supported without any recruitment fee.

On top of our databased search we can support you with active recruitment of the candidates that fit your profile. This active chase to find the key people for your organization will be done without any recruitment fee, based upon the assumption that KeyStaff will support the candidate in the follow up process.

Our Service

Advertise A Job

Jobs can be posted and communicated within the KeyStaff network. A target group will be created based upon the job description and requirements. Extra publishing can be take place when agreed upon.

CV Search

To save you time and provide extra focus the most relevant cv’s will be provided to you on top of the list. This gives you extra time to focus on the top 5 candidates instead of reading all.

Recruiter Profiles

Market specific recruiters will validate the proposed top 5 candidates, before releasing them to you.

Temp Search

Quick search can be done based upon available people, flagged to be open for temporary jobs.

Display Jobs

Future job positions can already be shared and published to be shared with your key staff members first, before sharing to other target groups.

For Agencies

Agencies can participate in the Keystaff network, if they meet the criteria that the agency fee is always fully transparent for the Employer at the moment of decision making.

Standard costs

Depending on the size and service level the costs might vary, but will always be agreed and fixed for at least one year.

HR Registration & Approvals


Per Month/person
  • Personal Account, Request hours
  • Structured Approvals
  • Standard Reporting and process validation
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Provide full Support with Interim Roles


Per Hour/person
  • Create and publish Role description
  • Approach, Select, pre-interview, provide top 5
  • Contract, hours & billing administration
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Transfers of work from your companies


Per Hour/person
  • Improve the efficiency of your internal organisation
  • Support open transfer of work model across (several) companies
  • Independent and full transparency of the cost without extra effort.
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